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    All of the Korra, Oh Jesus

    Posting my review after lunch…and therapy.


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    Peter Capaldi just Crash Landed the TARDIS in Parliament Square

    Extra Links

    Doctor Who Series 8 Episode Synopsis (youtube)

    Doctor Who Beginner’s Guide (youtube)

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    rockpaperscissors-lizard-spock asked *Hugs you because you're perfect and your videos are the highlight of my day*


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    Here’s my Master Guide For Doctor Who Series 8 Episodes

    via Emergency Awesome

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    Doctor Who Series 8 Beginners Guide - The Classic Episodes

    adding links periodically, most of these are on Hulu :)

    The Third Doctor

    Spearhead From Space, Terror of The Autons, The Daemons, The Time Warrior, The Planet Of The Spiders

    The Fourth Doctor

    Robot, Genesis Of The Daleks, Pyramids of Mars, Brain of Morbius, The Deadly Assassin, Logopolis

    The Specials

    The Five Doctors

    How To Watch BBC iPlayer Internationally

    (Source: youtube.com)

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    Doctor Who: A Starter Guide for Overly Curious and Adventurous Companions

    Replies turned on so you can add your own recommendations :)

    New Recruits 

    Series 1

    The End of The World (Hulu, Netflix), Empty Child (Hulu, Netflix), The Doctor Dances (Hulu, Netflix), Bad Wolf (Hulu, Netflix), Parting of Ways (Hulu, Netflix)

    Seasoned Companions

    Series 2-5

    School Reunion (Hulu, Netflix), Rise of The Cybermen (Hulu, Netflix), Age of Steel (Hulu, Netflix), Blink (Hulu, Netflix), The End of Time (Hulu, Netflix), Vincent and The Doctor (Hulu, Netflix)

    Advanced Level Companions

    Series 6-7.5

    The Snowmen (Hulu, Netflix), Everything from 7.5 (Hulu, Netflix)

    Bad Wolf Level Companions


    The Night of The Doctor (Youtube), The Day of The Doctor (Amazon), The Time of The Doctor (Amazon)

    Peter Capaldi Essentials

    The Thick of It (Hulu)

    Doctor Who Fires of Pompeii (Hulu, Netflix)

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    Working on a Doctor Who explainer vid for all my Game of Thrones, etc subscribers who wonder why I think it’s so important.

    via Emergency Awesome

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    "You would think, by now, that my Reputation would precede me…"

    - Thanos of Titan

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

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    Can Guardians of The Galaxy 2 just be ALL KAREN GILLAN PLS?

    (Source: dailykarengillan, via stopitsgingertime)

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    Nerdom Alert: Most Adorable DC / Marvel Crossover. Ever.

    (Source: twitter.com)

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